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Increase Profits and Efficiency with our AI Agent Workforce

Harness the Power of AI Agents to Streamline Operations and Drive Profits to New Heights!

An AI agent is a smart digital assistant programmed to perform specific tasks or achieve goals using artificial intelligence. AI agents are built using artificial intelligence technology, which allows them to learn from data, make decisions, and take actions without human intervention.

Discover the power of our AI-driven Employee Robots – they not only perform tasks, but also emulate human capabilities and go beyond!

From content creation and distribution to invoicing, payroll and more, they handle a multitude of business functions autonomously. Say goodbye to administrative and marketing headaches and hello to streamlined operations and enhanced creativity!

Some of our Cases


Content Planning,
Creation & Distribution

Dubaihub achieved a remarkable 90% reduction in costs while simultaneously enhancing the quality of content creation (including images, posts, and videos) and automating their entire social media distribution process—all thanks to Daoster's innovative technology.

  • Automated Content Brainstorm & Planning
  • Content creation, including images, videos and posts
  • Distribute this content on social media channels according to the channel

Report Creation

Asete was able to 100% automate the Report creation process in its mentoring processes, creating documents in real time with information and analysis of Mentored Startups and formatted in the layout required by the partner (Incubator and Investment Fund).

  • Register Mentoring Transcript
  • Enriches with pertinent information and generates holistic analysis of the Startup
  • Create a Report in the system and a Doc formatted in the partner's layout on the shared Google Drive

The power of AI Agents lies not just in efficiency, but in unlocking potential you didn't know your business had.

- Regy Andrade, CEO at Daoster

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